In Connecticut, 414,730 people are struggling with hunger. That number is not just a statistic; it represents real people from all walks of life – children, working parents, seniors, and people living with disabilities. For many, access to food requires a forfeiture of some other necessity. The Feeding America Hunger In America 2014 study surveyed food pantry and soup kitchen clients in Connecticut and revealed that in the prior year 73% of those surveyed had to choose between food or utilities, 63% had to choose between food or rent, and 68% had to choose between food or medical care. The CareCo Foundation is dedicated to programs and services that increase food accessibility for the states most vulnerable residents, particularly the elderly and home-bound.

The Foundation offers the following food access programs:


Thanks to a partnership with the United Way, every month the CareCo Foundation delivers monthly food boxes filled with healthy food choices such as cereal, soup, canned fruit, vegetables, milk, and cheese to 30 seniors throughout Connecticut. Any Medicaid recipient can request a food box through the program; recipients are prioritized by need.



Every November, the Foundation delivers prepared holiday meals to upwards of 80 seniors in Connecticut. These Thanksgiving meals can be cooked on-site and the Foundation’s main offices, nicknamed the Coghouse, and delivered ready-to-eat to a senior’s home or a Foundation volunteer can bring an entire turkey or ham dinner in the senior’s home and prepare it there. In either event, the senior can invite family and guests to a have an old-fashioned Thanksgiving at her or his house, regardless of her or his ability to prepare a full meal.

Roasted Turkey

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